5 Best Washing Machines in UAE

The days when people needed to wash clothes by hand are long gone. Today’s modern world is full of technological advancements. Washing machines are commonly used throughout different households.

With so many different brands on the market, you may be wondering how to choose the best washing machine for your budget and specific requirements.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 best front loading and top loading washing machines in UAE.

Comparison Table

Washing Machines Eco-Friendly Washing Reload Features Quick Wash Automatic Load Adjustment
#1. Bosch WAT28460GC
Our Best Pick
Yes Yes Yes Yes
#2. Bosch WAK24210GC Yes Yes Yes Yes
#3. Bosch WAK20200GC Yes Yes Yes Yes
#4. Ariston WMG721S Yes No Yes No
#5. Samsung WW70J3283IW Yes No Yes No

Best Front Load Washing Machine in UAE

1. Bosch Wat28460GC

Bosch 9Kg Free Standing Washing Machine 1400 RPM, Eco Silence Drive WAT28460GC
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This washing machine is one of the rare machines that allows both style and comfort. It’s fully automatic and provides exceptional performance and excellent durability. There are a variety of different features, the most important of which is the EcoSilence Drive. The machine has an improved design that reduces spin cycle vibration and provides increased stability.

EcoSilence Drive is a feature designed to mitigate the noise. There’s minimal noise, so you can rest easily as the machine takes care of your clothes. In addition, the VarioPerfect Technology helps wash clothes faster and reduce your energy consumption. The technology allows water to be distributed to all corners of the machine faster and more proportionally.

Not only is there advanced sound and cleaning technology, but there’s an environmental impact as well. The ActiveWater technology makes sure no water is wasted throughout the washing process.

You also have the Reload and 24 Hour Delay features. 24 Hour Delay allows you to preset your washing program’s starting time. Reload lets you remove or add clothing to the load in the middle of the washing process.

2. Bosch WAK24210GC

BOSCH 8Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine - WAK24210GC
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If you’re looking for a somewhat less expensive machine, Bosch has you covered with this model. This brand has consistently produced super efficient devices and best selling machines. There are a number of features that make this model ideal.

Like the previous model, this washing machine utilizes VarioPerfect Technology to wash your clothes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There’s also a large selection of options for the washing program, which ensures your clothes are cleaned more efficiently than other brands can manage. You also have the WaveDrum feature, which cleans clothes gently.

Bosch also gives you access to the ActiveWater technology so you can save on your energy consumption. The load adjustment system automatically recognizes your load’s condition, so the washing machine uses only as much water and electricity as is required.

You also get access to the 24 hour Start Delay function, which lets you choose when the wash cycle starts, and the Reload feature, which lets you add or remove articles of clothing midway through the wash cycle.

3. Bosch WAK20200GC

BOSCH 7Kg Front Load Automatic Washing Machine - WAK20200GC
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This is another front loading washing machine that easily makes our list for the best washing machines. It has the same fabulous performance you’ll find in all Bosch washing machines, but it doesn’t cost as much as some other competitors.

Like the previous entries, this machine uses VarioPerfect Technology to reduce the time spent on washing. It also has an A+ energy saving rating.

The load adjustment system helps calibrate the electricity usage to suit the load size. In addition, the washing machine uses a quality seal that’s been specifically developed for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

There are a number of programming options like fitness, shirts, 15 minute washing, 30 minute washing, standard cold, cold, allergy and hygiene, outdoor, mixture, and dark laundry.

A number of simple buttons are part of the design. You can use the Reload feature to load new clothes in the middle of a wash cycle, pause wash cycles, delay the time that the washer starts, and control the temperature. You can also choose a reduced ironing option, perfect eco-friendly washing, fast speeds, and reduction of spin speeds.

4. Ariston WMG721S

Ariston WMG721S
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Ariston is a company that’s become famous for its innovative designs and technical finesse. This particular model makes it easy to find the best washing machine. It has received a seal of approval from the UK for its anti-allergy features.

The allergy fighting technology combines extra rinses with high temperatures to remove and neutralize the majority of allergy-causing bugs and germs.

The washing machine also comes with Eco cycles in three options: Eco Rapid, Eco Synthetic, and Eco Cotton. Using the right cycle means consuming less energy and achieving clean laundry at lower temperatures. There’s also stain-fighting technology that controls detergent use, removing 20 different stubborn stains.

This machine comes with a compact frame that can fit in tight spots. A wide and spacious door gives you necessary clearance throughout the loading process. There’s also reduced noise from the vibration. The washer is one of the top rated ones on the market for spacial efficiency, combining a small carbon footprint with a large clothing capacity.

In addition, you’ll get a one year warranty from the company regarding the motor, drum, parts, and repair labor.

5. Samsung WW70J3283IW

Samsung WW70J3283IW
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Samsung is best known for their electronics, but their washing machines are also top-of-the-line. If you want a machine that catches the eye and is loaded with a number of features, this might be the one for you.

This washing machine comes with a Diamond Drum feature that ensures water is used efficiently and effectively. It also causes the washing experience to be gentler and cleaner. In previous tests, it has been proven that this technology can reduce dirt by up to 80 percent.

Another aspect of this machine is the Eco Drum cleaning. This special design will help remove dirt and residue buildup on the door glass and tub, but it doesn’t use chemical detergent. You can also use the My Cycle option to have the machine remember your ideal cycle. This includes the soil level, spin, temperature, and a number of other options.

If you need to wash clothes fast, you can use the 15-minute quick wash to help with your busy life. For wool clothes, you can use the Wool Course to ensure special care is taken with the clothes. In addition, you have Eco Bubble features that save energy, take care of your fabric, and provide the best washing performance.

The final main feature is the Voltage Control program. This protects your machine from high shock levels by providing consistent voltage control. The feature helps to extend the overall life of your machine.

Final Thoughts

The first option on our list has the most features and washing space. However, it’s also the most expensive option. If you’re looking for a comprehensive wash with multiple features, anything from the Bosch brand will be ideal.

If you want a name brand trusted all over the world, the Samsung washer is a good option. All of these washers make use of environmental innovation to lower your carbon footprint.

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